Velo Orange Elkhide Sew-On Leather City Bar Covers

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30 Grams

Product Overview

The same leather, elk hide, that's used in our famous handlebar covers is now available in for city bikes. Macchiato is the closest match to VO honey saddles; Espresso is closest to VO brown saddles.

The "kit" included two 11-inch (27.5cm) long elk hide covers that are perforated along the edges for sewing (can't see the perfs? pull the piece widthwise); width is 3 inches (7.5cm) They can be cut down if you prefer shorter grips. Special waxed thread, sailmaker's needles and instructions are also included. It'll take about an hour to install them.

Price is per pair. We suggest using one layer of cloth tape under the grips.

Click here to download instructions or take a look at the VO technical support page.