Velo Orange Rinko 1" Threaded Headset

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115 Grams

Product Overview

Rinko is a type of touring cycling that's popular in Japan. It involves traveling on a train with your bike in order to reach a cycling destination. If the bike's wheels and fork are removed and all is placed in a lightweight nylon bag, the bag is treated as regular luggage in the train's passenger compartment. VO first wrote about Rinko here. But quickly removing the wheels and fork is a simple way to pack a bike for car or plane travel, as well.

So the idea of a rinko headset is to facilitate removing the fork without needing tools to do it. A Rinko headset has teeth that keep the important parts from spinning and a knurled top cap for easy removal. The top cap also has holes for a pin wrench in case you over-tighten it. So far as we know, this is the first sealed cartridge bearing Rinko headset. The cartridges are held in place with spring clips. The body is steel to resist damage when disassembled.

The ISO size has a 26.4mm crown race and fits most American, European and newer Asian bikes.

The JIS size has a 27mm crown race, which fits certain older Japanese bikes.

41mm stack height.