Velo Orange Rubber Mud Flap

Velo Orange

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40 Grams
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Product Overview

These mud flaps are cut from 1/16" (1.58mm) thick Polyurethane Rubber and have very high durability and resistance against road grime, oils, and water.

The Short version is great for the front, to protect your feet and drivetrain from water splashing up.

The Long version is often known as a "buddy" flap and are used to keep road grime and water off the faces of riders behind you - a necessity during group rides and brevets.

  • Weight (w/ hardware): 33g (short) and 49g (long)
  • Size: Width at the bottom is 115mm and length is 165mm (short) and 245mm (long)
  • Recommended for 45mm mud guards and up. Fits on the inside of VO's 58mm Fenders perfectly.
  • Includes mounting hardware

During installation, just snug up the bolts and nuts. Over-tightening might tear the rubber. You don't need to torque them down significantly - they'll stay put.

Price Per Flap.

Made In Glen Burnie, Maryland, US.