Velo Orange Rubbery Bar Tape

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152 Grams

Product Overview

VO designed this tape for riders that go over varied surfaces during tours and mixed terrain brevets: Fire roads, double track, washboard roads, crushed limestone, slate and gravel. 

The Rubbery design has loads of grip and a generous amount of cushioning. At 3.5mm thick, it has a very nice hand feel, wraps easily, and is long (200cm) - which is great for today's wide bars.

The edges feature a taper so when you wrap your bars it can line-up mostly flat, or have a bit more overlap for a chunkier grip. 

Additionally, the included aluminium alloy bar plugs are good quality. You won't be chucking them into the bin like the cheap-o, plastic push in ones.

This wrap features three dots that are offset from center. Wrap your bars with the dots all visible.