Velo Orange x Road Runner Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag

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113 Grams

Product Overview

If you're looking to add easy and quick carrying capacity to any bike, the Burrito Supreme by Road Runner Bags is what you need.

The interior of the bag is roomy and structured with a sewn-in plastic liner which allows the bag to hold its shape no matter the contents. The width (end to end) is 8 inches and the diameter is 5.5 inches - perfect for extended gravel and mtb rides.

To keep the bag in place over rough gravel and cobbled streets, the bag includes two handlebar mounting straps and a headtube (or stem) mounting strap. 

There is a strip of nylon Molle webbing on the front for strapping just about anything to your bag. The weatherproof zipper and pull tabs make entry and closure of bag easy and can be done from the saddle.

2.6 Litre

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles.