Chris King R45 Hubset

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Was: £710.00
Now: £610.00
318 Grams

Product Overview

Chris King is one of the most renowned makers of cycle headsets, hubs, bottom brackets, wheels and tools. Chris King is a name that is associated with exceptional quality and precision. Since the early 1980’s Chris King’s products have upheld their reputation of making products that can withstand the harsh punishment of off-road riding.

Originally, Chris King made this hub to be the cornerstone of his hub product line. It was one of those product releases where he and the team put all of their hub and bearing experience into, and ended up with a hub that struck that perfect balance between weight, performance, durability and looks.

He designed and built a bearing specifically for the R45 hubset. As with every King bearing, these stainless steel sealed bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness.

Heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously, with tools of equal wear to ensure perfectly matched inner and outer races. The quality and speed of CK bearings is what sets them apart from the competition and they are what you will feel and notice on every single ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they get faster with age and all our hubs and bearings are fully serviceable for years upon years of demanding use.

The RingDrive™ Engagement Mechanism uses 72 engagement teeth on each drive ring. This means that the hub engages over 3 times quicker than the standard 24 tooth pawl-type freehub. This unique design offers instant and positive engagement that's capable of handling a torque load of over 800ft/lbs, or over three times more than most other high end hubs.

11 speed 

32 Hole Only