SimWorks Beatnik Seatpost

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307 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

A seat post that you need to choose out of strength, precision, style, shape and etc in order to fit your bike completely might be the only component that shows rider’s selection and taste. NITTO SimWorks “Beatnik Post” passes so many strict examinations and designed by NITTO and SimWorks all together. You can see engraved red cupid heart and white SimWorks logo.

350mm Length 

24mm Offset

27.2mm Diameter

Forged Aluminum

*We intendedly use an old manual engraving machine to put SimWorks logo on our products. Sometimes it appears the mark is crooked and pressed shallowly, but they are not inferior production. We all know that we are very used to having items with logos which are laser-engraved precisely in these days, however, we would like you to enjoy the taste of craftsmanship through each product we create.