DirtBag Coffee


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£1.80 - £8.99
10 Grams

Product Overview

From DirtBag -

Single-use pour over filter kits for bike-packing, hiking and camping. Good coffee starts with good ingredients! The explorer is a blend of specialty ground coffees with a SCA cupping score of at least 83.

Our green coffee comes from farmers who are committed to agriculturally sustainable practices and is 100% directly traded.

There is direct contact with farmers, or at most, one person or partner organisation we trust makes the purchase. On average, our coffee farmers are paid at least 50% more than the fair trade price, and the prices are negotiated directly.

Leave No Trace!

2 part packaging - A pre filled recyclable PLA plant based filter, in a home compostable nitrogen filled pouch.

How to brew -

1. Rip the bag along the top perforation, and keep upright.

2. Clip the hangers to the rim of mug, so the filter is suspended in the middle.

3. Slowly pour approx. 200ml of hot water through the coffee grounds.

4. Enjoy.

From Us - 

A pretty decent Cup Of Joe! Can easily be popped into bags for bike-packing or touring and takes very little space up. If you need the baggage room and want to pack light, this super low faff tasty coffee could work for you.

Pack Of 5 Or Single Bag.