GROWTAC x Freshtripe Carbon Road Wheelset


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£988.00 - £1,098.00
1,256 Grams
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Product Overview

Providing an excellent balance between weight, strength and aerodynamics this carbon fibre rimed wheel-set delivers a noticeable increase in handling, sprinting capability, responsiveness and climbing performance as well as being comfortable on longer days in the saddle.

Perhaps the most important and exciting upgrade you can make to many 'off the peg' modern road bikes are the wheels. Changing to a light, stiff, smoother, yet supple wheelset can improve comfort, speed and reduce rider fatigue whilst looking incredible.

This absolute gem of a wheel-set offers all of these qualities in one epically exceptional hand-built package.

Starting with the Growtac hubs - There's a lot to say about these made-in-Japan hubs, a brilliantly crafted piece of kit that really hits home when it comes to weight saving, low rolling resistance and longevity. More info on Growtac here.

The rims are designed and made by GIGANTEX. They're one of those hidden companies that make OEM rims for lots of brands around the world including Mavic, Equinox and HUNT. In the past they also made rims for SRAM, HED, Bontrager and more.

They have been in the carbon rim business for over 20 years, adding to their repertoire is the R&D and manufacturing of high-end wheel chairs and medical equipment, also bicycle frames, stems and bars. GIGANTEX are very conscious of the environment and try and use Eco-Resin in many of their products, using recyclable epoxy and carbon composites is at the forefront of their future designs.

Made from a mix of Toray T-700 and Toray T-800 carbon, it's the perfect blend for a strong, light, stiff and reliable carbon rim.

Choose from Sapim Race or Sapim CX-Ray spokes and of course, Sapim Brass Nipples to match. We custom cut the spokes to get the exact length.

Check out the SimWorks x HOSHI Raw Brass Nipples for something a little different..... Or even the HOSHI Spokes!? These are a special order item, please get in touch if this interests you.

As always, when it comes to disc wheels we're lacing leading spokes with heads in and trailing spokes with heads out. A small detail, but will pay you back during hard & sudden disc breaking and life of the wheel build.

These are a super light race ready wheel-set, only 1,256 grams for a pair of wheels!

An internal 19mm rim width allows for skinny to mid volume tyres and rounder tyre profiles, resulting in better handling and reduced rolling resistance.

40mm deep and Tubeless ready.

24 Hole Only.

Weight is based on SAPIM Race spokes.

Built with Black spokes and black Nipples but if a different colour spoke or nipple is desired, please get in touch.

Hand-Built wheels can take 1-2 days before dispatch, we want to make sure these hoops are perfect!

Price Per Pair.