GROWTAC EQUAL Disc Brake Set - Post Mount


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274 Grams
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Product Overview

GROWTAC EQUAL mechanical disc brakes are one of the best in the world!

For braking power, adjustability, decent cable routing and weight saving, these guys tick all the boxes. Offering the ease of maintenance that only mechanical brake systems can, providing excellent modulation and power with a compact and lightweight design - Perfect for your road, gravel or touring bike.

To achieve both high rigidity and lightness GROWTAC used high strength Duralumin Alloy and are machined with high precision. One caliper weighs 137 grams (including pads), making it one of the lightest mechanical disc brake calipers in the world.

These are Short Pull Post Mount Disc Brake Calipers.

In The Box -

  • 2x Growtac Equal Post Mount Brake Calipers.
  • 2x road brake cables.
  • 2x mtb brake cables.
  • 2x compressionless housing (stiff).
  • 2x non-compressionless housing (flexy).
  • Mounting hardware for the rear brake.

Installation instructions and the thinking behind the EQUAL brakes.

For replacement pads, you can use Shimano K04, K03, and K05S-RX pads or the ECB, Kool Stop and SwissStop versions. You'll want to retain the Growtac pad assembly bolt, though, as that is unique to the Growtac calipers.

Made In Japan.