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Product Overview

We run Freshtripe From a Bicycle Shop in Cambridge called Bicycle Ambulance and we've been building wheels a long time.

Not just high end MTB or Road Race wheels but a whole range from Touring, BMX, Fixed Gear and Gravel. Commuter wheels, Trike and Electric Bike wheels are big on our list too, we've even dabbled in Moped and Wheel Chair builds and repairs. On a few very rare occasions we had the pleasure to build with wooden bicycle rims too. Theres not much we haven't seen, built, ridden, praised, condemned and sworn at when it comes to wheels.

We would love to build some awesome wheels for you!

You can browse the site and pick a combo of Rims, Hubs, Spokes and Nipples.

We mainly provide SAPIM Race Spokes and SAPIM Polyax Brass Nipples as they offer the best all-round performance and durability. But other spokes are available and something we can supply.

Once your order is made we will be in touch about the choice of build pattern and ride discipline.

It's £40 per wheel build - Please pick the quantity i.e. 1 or 2 (front and rear).

If theres something we don't offer online, please feel free to call (01223 953 130) or Email us for a chat.