Hyacinth Cycles Blue Sunday Rear Rack


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500 Grams
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Product Overview

Hyacinth Cycles is a Ukrainian bicycle racks and apparel company founded in 2016 by Daniel "Danya" Drogin. Hyacinth are now a small team working in the Ukraine making tough, rough and ready bicycle racks for touring, bikepacking, commuting and gravel cycling.

It all started when Danya didn't have enough money to buy a pannier rack, so he decided to make it himself in his grandpa's old garage.

His friends liked his homemade rack so much that they asked him to make them the same ones. Over time Daniels skills improved and the team expanded.

The Blue Sunday is a rugged, stylish and 'tough as old boots' bicycle rack that will truck on and on. At home on burly bikepacking and MTB rigs, but suitably slick for commuting machines

Made from AISI304 stainless steel, which is one the highest grades. Unlike other steels and aluminium alloys, this material is viscous, which in turn will eliminate unexpected cracks or breakages.

The polymer paint - which is baked in the oven, turning from a monomer to a polymer, forms a solid plastic layer that is thermally soldered to the metal. The texture differs from glossy to deep texture matte. The paint is very mechanically stable and is suitable for use in harsh conditions.

The Blue Sunday comes with fitting kit.

Raw - You can see the colours of welding, but no coating.

Polished - Classic. Uncoated polished stainless steel.

Leg stays  -

Front 170mm.

Rear 370mm.

L x W x H -

300 x 130 x 370 mm.

25KG max payload.

Made In The Ukraine.

These are handmade and hand finished racks, the pictures may differ slightly from the actual rack.