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98 Grams
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Product Overview

The alluring handmade Sexy Bag-Support Rack from Ballern Cycle Works! 

Made from 10mm 304 stainless steel by a rad dude, out of the Stayer Cycles Workshop! What's not to love??

This badass steerer tube mounted front rack will protect your frame from scratches and your bag from flapping around or grinding on the tyre.

With a drop of 15cm or 17cm and a possible stem length of 50-120mm, it is ideal for most handlebar bags. Thanks to its S shape, the Sexy Rack fits perfectly to most handlebar bags and harnesses and it's cross brace prevents the bag from chafing on the front tyre and holds fast, even off-road!

The only requirement for mounting under the stem is at least 15mm of spacers which, in turn, will be replaced by the BCW rack. For assembly simply remove some spacers under the stem and replace it with the Sexy Rack!

15cm drop for a Wizard Works Shazam mini.

17cm drop for a Wizard Works standard Shazam and Velo Orange Biggish Bag.

Will also work with plenty of other front bags on the market by either looping under a strap or attaching with the use of Voile strap.

Check out our blog for more bags......

15cm or 17cm drop, lower brace bar is 22cm long.

1 1/8th only.

2KG limit.

Made In England - By a lovey German dude.