King Cage Longer Thing Cage

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80 Grams
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Product Overview

Hand Made by Ron 'King Cage' Andrews himself. With multiple mounting options these can be put anywhere on your bike. Be it a world tourer, everyday commuter rig, klunker or gravel machine, these titanium cages are great for all manner of items. Bottles, beers, shoes, camp chairs or a dry bag full of cotton holds anything!

Made of thick wall hollow tube titanium.

These nifty little black o-rings are supplied by King Cage with every Longer Thing cargo cage. They keep the Voile straps in place and then allow you to feed any excess strap back through.

Length - 381mm

Width - 65mm

Lip length - 57mm

King Cage Bottle Cages never mark plastic bidons but they can scratch the paint on metal bottles.

The colour of the Voile Straps included with your Manything Cage may change based on availability. This time it's Orange!

If using the clamps, we suggest electrical tape or cloth rim tape or cotton bar tape to protect the frame or fork legs. Rubber inner tubes will lead to clamp breakage. Please check and tighten clamp after use.

Hand Made in Colorado, USA