Nitto MT-Campee R-20 Rear Rack


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780 Grams
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Product Overview

The NITTO MT-Campee R-20 rack is serious, designed by NITTO to last. The durability of this thing is just next level! High quality Chromoly Steel offers unbeatable strength, robustness and toughness that cycle tourers and bike-packers need, but without the added weight.

The 'MT' refers to mountain and the 'CAMPEE' alludes to camping, this racks purpose is for off-road cycle touring.

Nickel plated dull-bright satin silver finish is a NITTO staple which always pleases and looks great on all machines.

The included mounting hardware ensures that the Campee will fit your bike and the rack has 2 built in anchor points for bungees. 

Light Weight, Heavy Duty, Finely Made. 

Over-all height is 470mm.

Platform size of 340mm long and 130mm wide.

The tombstone is 50mm high and 130mm wide.

Although designed for 26" wheels, this rack can be fitted to 27", 650b and 700c wheel sizes.

Max Payload is 17Kg.

Mounting this rack to Paul Component brakes requires the use of Paul's special rack bolts and spacers, which can be found here.

Made In Japan.