Problem Solvers Fender Flute

Problem Solvers

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50 Grams
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Mountain bikes are awesome. I even think that they're awesome when used as commuters or touring bikes. One problem: manufacturer's include suspension-corrected forks so the frames are compatible with standard travel suspension forks.

This is all well and good until a person wants to mount fenders. The front fender sits way up off the tyre, rendering it nearly useless. The Fender Flute won't drive the rats out of Hamelin, but it will provide a lower mounting position for the front fender, allowing for better, more effective performance.

Threaded M6 holes at 10mm intervals for adjustability, hardware included.

100mm long with 75mm of adjustability, 20mm wide, 10mm thick. Curved face of the adaptor sits flush with 1-1/8” steerer tubes.