SimWorks To Smile Bar


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370 Grams
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Product Overview

From SimWorks -

Go further. With this in mind, To Smile Bar was created for cyclists who are seekers and wish to venture off the beaten path. A long-time SimWorks staple bar has been resurrected with a new specification.

This unique handlebar has a shallow curved drop shape, mirrored from our original version. Whose shape had been carefully thought out to hit a sweet spot for cyclists who frequently find themselves in the lower grip position. 

To Smile is designed with the modern gravel & all-terrain scene in the front of our minds. The details have been updated, with the centre clamp expanding to 31.8mm, making it compatible with more modern stem standards and offering greater peace of mind while negotiating more challenging terrain.

The flared drop shape is ideal for controlling your bike on dirt descents, but the ramps and top of the bar also provide ample space for finding a comfortable hand position. To Smile's updated extended clamp area also make it easy to mount electronics to seamlessly accommodate a variety of modern riding accoutrement. 

The To Smile Bar is available in one size at 560mm centre-to-centre - Making it a suitable choice not only for drop-bar MTBs, but also for gravel rigs, monster cross machines or touring bikes with wider tyres. We encourage you to use your creativity to assemble a memorable bike and grab the bottom handlebar. It's sure to put a smile on your face.

The SimWorks by NITTO drop bar series includes the All Star Decal Kit 2 as an accessory. Please enjoy applying it to your handlebars or elsewhere.

Reach - 87mm
Drop - 132mm
Center Diam - 31.8mm
Bar Diam - 24mm
Flare - 58°
From Us -
Bigger grins than The Cheshire Cat, I'm off for a cuppa.....