SimWorks Getaround Bar

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480 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

When asked to find a word to best describe this bar we always say “superb”. We carefully follow trends and when developing the GETAROUND Bar we focused on width, bend and rise. This is a very smart design that can be used in any condition and any place you want to take it.

Material - CrMo Steel

Width - 700mm

Rise - 10 Deg

Center Diam - 25.4mm

Bar Diam - 22.2mm

Attention - Skid proof and clear coating are applied as a final treatment on this item and the actual size is wider than the diameter on the each size description. Please be aware of the installation of the stem, levers, and lock-type grips which have very severe inner diameter.

From Us-

Round round get around, I get around, yeah
(Get around round round I get around, ooh-ooh) I get around.