SimWorks Gettin' Hungry Stem - Lettuce


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305 Grams
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Product Overview

From SimWorks -

We are really sure that we got a revelation of Bicycle God saying, ” We need a CrMo quill stem immediately”. Some people might say that we just got inspired by something around us, and probably it is. However, After we got this idea, we run into NITTO’s factory and talk about everything that we have in our mind. We know that it is rare to see people making this kind of stem with a passion, but we think that this is our duty to produce since we got a message from God. This stem is for those who laugh and play a lot outside and getting hungry right after that.

CrMo Steel with an 90° angle and 25.4mm bar clamp - 22.2mm quill.

Stickers included, but not attached.

From Us -

Beautiful and insanely gorgeous crafted stem from SimWorks x NITTO, clamp them bars with love and vigour.

120mm Can be special ordered, please get in touch.