SimWorks Rhonda Stem

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200 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

The new Rhonda faceplate incorporates our amorous and timeless “arrow through heart” logo-we hope you love the minimal but iconic design.

The 31.8mm diameter bar clamp has an evenly distributed high fixing force of 4 bolts.

Silver is chrome-plated and black is plated to improve weather resistance. We aimed for a simple, durable and long-lasting stem that would complement a wide array of handlebar options.

Nitto stems like all of their fantastic products are manufactured to the highest standards for quality and durability in a domestic factory in Japan.

CrMo Steel body with Alloy Faceplate with an 80° angle and stack height of 42mm - 1 1/8th.

From Us -

Gracefully hot and an absolutely stunning stem from SimWorks x Nitto, clamp them bars with love and vigour.

50mm available to special order, please get in touch.