SimWorks Obento Rack


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635 Grams
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Product Overview

From SimWorks -

Simple form and function for your daily use and light touring.

This simple front rack is designed to have more cyclists use our popular Potluck style of rack, and it features a lunch box size compact table as well as Potluck Rack has.

Since there is long size connection rod and clamp in order to correspond to any front folk systems, you can still attach this rack without eyelets.

It has a perfect form to match with our On The Road Rack as well.

Once you have your Obento lunch box tied on this rack, let’s go to that hillock!

*This item is designed for a front bag supporter, which means it supports a bottom part of a bag hanging from a handle bar. Please be careful for the withstanding load when you put something by itself on the rack.

Max Load 5KG, platform size 210mm x 210mm. Comes with fitting hardware - Connection Rod 420mm x 2, Connection Rod 350mm x 2, P-clips 22mm x 2.

Made by Nitto in Japan from 9mm CrMo Steel Tube

From Us -

As always - Beautifully crafted steel tubes of joy from SimWorks x Nitto, 5KG of lunch?! Count me in!