SimWorks Off The Road Rack

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1,150 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

This new 'Off The Road' rack is, so-to-speak, a wider and heavier-duty version of the 'On The Road' rack. It was developed for off-roaders who wish to load more and travel further. Fit is tailored through our clever 'Denden' bolt height adjustment for the rack 'limbs' and Daruma-secured connection rods. Fit and finish is sublimely Nitto - as always.

Your search has ended for a rear carrier to transport you further. Welded with the 'Off The Road' mentality of a sweeping elegant curve- it is a functional and ample solution for a cosmic navigation machine that seamlessly roams through our increasingly entropic world

Max Load 16KG

Made by Nitto in Japan from 16mm CrMo Steel Tube

From Us -

Rack it up rack it in let me begin......