Swift Industries Sidekick Stem Pouch

Swift Industries

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71 Grams
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Product Overview

From Swift - 

The Sidekick Stem Pouch is a bicycle bag that fits a water bottle, snacks, and is an ideal bag for your cell phone and essentials. Featuring two mounting systems, the Sidekick attaches to the bicycle stem and handlebars with the three included velcro straps. 

Instantly level up your Wald front basket set-up by hitching on a Sidekick or two.

The Sidekick Stem Pouch is made out of Challenge ECOPAK 100% recycled polyester and contains roughly 2 plastic bottles rescued from ocean beaches. 

The Sidekick Stem Pouch attaches securely into the nook between your bicycle stem and handlebars. 

Measurements: 5.25”h X 4”d

Capacity: 1 litre.

Made in Surabaya, Indonesia and Seattle, WA out of recycled materials.

From Us -

Pioneers of the modern day Bike-Packing/Touring bags, Swift Industries have been creating, crafting, using and cruising with these gorgeous yet rugged designs since 2008.

The Zeitgeist, Catalyst and Sugar Loaf are among the first of these awesome bags to be born and over the years tweaked and refined into something epic!

Adding extras like the Sidekick or Gibby to the range means you can really dial in your set-up.

Swift have great site with loads more info on how to fit and use the Sidekick to it's full capability here.

Swift Industries do offer a bigger range of awesome bags, please get in touch for special orders.