Tange LV-11 Seiki Levin 1" Threaded Headset - NJS

Tange Seiki

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170 Grams
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Product Overview

Tange Seiki Levin LV-11 is a CNC machined, fully Cr-Mo constructed NJS certified 1" threaded headset. 

Used by professional Keirin track racers and on classic track/road bikes, also found it's home in the Hip-Hop slave bike world and street fixed gear scene.

Stone polished Cr-Mo ball bearings and races gives this tough and reliable headset a smooth feel. Polished Chrome gives the LV-11 a unique shiny finish.

Specs -

Stack height: 37.9mm

Crown race: 26.4mm

Cups: 30.2mm


This is the Cr-Mo version.

Made In Japan.