Shimano Dura-Ace HP-7410 1" Threaded Headset - NJS


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101 Grams
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Product Overview

Beautiful NJS certified headset from Shimano - Superior quality, precision-engineered Dura-Ace headset designed for durability and performance on the road or track.

Lightweight anodised aluminium locknut, cups and cones.

Sealed cartridge bearings for smooth running and low maintenance, with Dura-Ace polished finish and graphics.

Designed for threaded steerers, but can be used on threadless steerers with an adaptor.

Stack height - 37.6 mm

Crown Race - 27.0mm JIS
Crown Race - 26.5mm ITA
ITA does not have the NJS stamp.
Italian headsets are virtually the same as ISO. The crown race ID is 26.5mm rather than 26.4mm and the threads are a tiny bit different, Italian headsets and ISO headsets have the same thread diameter and pitch but a slightly different thread form - 55° peak angle instead of the ISO 60°.
This headset will fit an ISO spec, please be sure to clean the threads before fitting.
Made In Japan.