Velo Orange Grand Cru Long Reach Brakeset

Velo Orange

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355 Grams
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Product Overview

The Grand Cru Long Reach (47-57mm) caliper brakes are super stiff, probably the stiffest long reach brakes ever made. In testing, VO found these to outperform every other long reach brake and many short reach racing brakes that cost significantly more.

The smooth, dual-pivot design offers superb modulation and power - Very important on a steep mountain descent. There is even clearance for 45mm fenders!

These are made in a small shop in Taiwan run by a former bike racer and engineer. The brake's finish is anodized and highly polished, so they'll look great for years to come. The included brake shoes come with high quality pads and take standard Shimano-type replacements.

Wrench and a carbon fork mounting nut are included.

Price Per Pair.