Velo Orange Grand Cru Sabot Pedals

Velo Orange

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408 Grams

Product Overview

Many VO staffers like large pedals, so they wanted to produce a high quality large-platform pedal that would be comfortable even when riding in thin soled shoes. Sabot's have been tested by the VO guys in minimalist running shoes, leather dress shoes, hiking shoes and even sandals.

Of course this style of pedal is great for urban riding, but we see other uses too. More and more bike packers, long distance tourists, and adventure cyclists are riding with big BMX style pedals, and these make a more refined alternative.

The two-sided platform is a CNC-cut aluminum extrusion. It has loads of real estate to eliminate pressure points and all - approximately 100mm wide and 100mm long. There are 12 replaceable traction pins on each side of the pedal to offer great grip even when wet. Rounded pins are included with the pedals so as not to damage street shoes, but they are easily replaced with more aggressive sharp pins.

Most existing pedals with large platforms use either loose ball bearings or are designed for BMX or downhill riding and use durable, but stiff, bushings. Velo Orange designed a chromoly spindle that uses three sealed bearings, two inboard and one outboard. This makes for a very smooth pedal; it feels like a high-end road pedal, and the bearings are easy to replace.

Compatible with toe clips and straps.