Velo Orange Mudguard Stay Kit

Velo Orange

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68 Grams

Product Overview

This Mudguard stay kit is prefect to reinforce a front or rear mudguard and give the guards extra satiability or great for replacements and repairs. The stays are 400mm long from the apex of the curve to the end of the stay and 5mm diameter.

Will also work with Honjo and many older metal style mud guards.

Kit includes - x1 Stay, x2 R-Clips, x2 Eyelet Bolts or x1 eyelet Bolt for 35mm kit.

60mm are best suited for 26" mudguards.

52mm are best suited for 650b and wider 700c mudguards.

45mm are best suited for 700c mudguards.

35mm are best suited for skinnier 700c mudguards.

Price Per Piece.