Velo Orange Retro-Style Stainless Wound Gear Cable Kit

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100 Grams
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Product Overview

This wound stainless steel brake cable housing looks like the housing on vintage bikes but is made with modern materials.

As with vintage housing, it does not have a plastic outer coating. Kit comes with 4 padded sleeves that goes on the housing to prevent scratching. The housing is very flexible, so it is perfect for applications where quick bends need to be made without introducing friction.

Standard 5mm diameter. Liner is separate from wound housing so you can cut it to length. We do not recommend this housing for use with index shifting. 

One bikes worth, includes:

  • two 700mm lengths 5mm diameter housing
  • one 300mm length 5mm diameter housing
  • one 2100mm length stretched stainless steel slick pre-stretched cable
  • one 1500mm length stretched stainless steel slick pre-stretched cable
  • 6 ferrules
  • 2 tips
  • 4 padded sleeves