Velo Orange Wheel Stabilizer - Large Downtube (>31.8mm diameter)

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20 Grams

Product Overview

Common on European utility bikes, a front wheel stabiliser makes loading front racks simpler.

It is a spring connecting the fork to the down tube. It adds a subtle self-centering action to the front wheel, making loading and unloading of a bike with a basket or a VO Porteur rack much easier. You don't fight the bike while putting stuff in it, the front of the bike stays put. The spring offers some resistance to steering, so it counteracts deflections from hitting potholes and road debris too.

It's pretty universal to any bike with a down tube diameter of 38mm-62mm (get the small size for bikes with up to 31.8mm diameter down tube). It connects to the fork via the brake pivot hole. The hole diameter is made for nutted calipers or an M6 bolt. For recessed mount calipers, minor modification with a drill or a file is necessary. You can also use Sheldon's Fender Nuts to allow the wheel stabilizer to be attached to a recessed fitting, if you don't want to drill or file it.

The wheel stabilizer is rust resistant, includes all the required brackets and hardware and has a pinch guard to cover the torsion spring. The little knob adjusts the spring tension.