Miss Grape Bud Mini Bar Bag

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88 Grams

Product Overview

The Bud is very convenient to use as a bottle cage or for the transport of those little objects useful to have at hand such as a camera, phone or snacks. Also perfect for water bottles!

Can be used in pairs or singly. Mesh pockets on the outside make it even more versatile, the Bud Bag is compatible with all bicycles on the market.

The Bud Bag is made of Weather-Resistant fabric but is not waterproof. It is recommended to use a watertight bag for items that should stay absolutely dry.

Technical specifications -

  • Black asphalt with Titanium gray specks
  • 420/300 polyester resin with polyurethane
  • Water repellent
  • Certification according to Reach regulation EC No 1097/2006 
  • Capacity 1L, 10cm Wide, 15cm Length

Made In Italy.