Nitto M18 Front Rack

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350 Grams

Product Overview

The Nitto M18 front carrier is a go to for most retro fit rando bikes and modern bike packing or touring rigs. Their adjustability and multi fit make them great for pretty much any bike with a drilled crown. The rack legs fit onto the forks using either rando rack mounts or P-clips depending on your frame, these come with the rack in 2 sizes.

It can be used as a supporter for front bags or as a base for attaching WALD baskets. Nitto light mounts to finish!

All Nitto products come as you expected with an excellent finish, perfectly designed to not only function well but look outstanding. Clean fillet welds and discrete branding makes this a modern classic. Rated for a load up to 5kg it will cover all your front rack needs.

Length 20cm Width 11cm Height 12cm.