Velo Orange Grand Cru Brake Levers - Regular/Short Pull

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76 Grams

Product Overview

These are simply really nice brake levers. They are very light, smooth, comfortable, well made, and just plain pretty. I don't know if anyone actually needs brake levers this nice. All I can say is that as soon as I saw them I wanted them on my bike.

They come in silver or black. There are shims included so you can mount them on road or MTB/city-sized handlebars. An adjusting screw lets you adjust reach. Weight is about 76gm per pair; careful not to let them blow away.

This is the regular (short) pull version for canti brakes, most caliper brakes and most road disc brakes. Check with your brake manufacturer if you're not sure if you need regular or linear pull levers.

Price Per Pair.