Velo Orange Grand Cru Zeste Cantilever Brake

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400 Grams

Product Overview

The Zeste brakes may be the most powerful canti-brakes we've tried. This is due to extra-long arms for increased mechanical advantage. Need to stop a loaded touring bike  down a steep mountain pass? They use a double plate design for superior "mud-clearing" for those of you who ride dirt roads or Cyclo-cross. The low-profile design helps them clear luggage and, on small frames, your heels. But just as important is their excellent adjustability.

  • There are spring tension adjusters on each arm for easy centering.
  • Up and down adjustment in the brake pad slot results in greater frame and fork compatibility; not all canti studs are in exactly the same place on every bike due to manufacturing tolerances or intended specification.
  • An adjusting mechanism at the end of the straddle wire means easier setup and fine tuning for perfect clearence and wire angle. You'll wonder why all canti brakes don't have these adjusters.
  • Brake pads have adjustable toe-in, offering superior stopping power over most OEM pads.

The pivot bolts and washers are stainless steel for long term corrosion resistance.

Price is for two sets, or a bike's worth. Includes straddle hangers, mounting bolts and cable end caps.

The instruction page can be found here.