SimWorks Little Nick Bar


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380 Grams
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Product Overview

from SimWorks - 

About 10 years have passed since the relationship between Little Nick Bar and SimWorks began.

There's a great deal to learn from the enduring popularity of this simple but popular SimWorks staple handlebar.

The aluminum tubing, which is precisely bent by Nitto's strong will and technology, has a center of 31.8mm, which is the standard of the modern age, and is finished with a strong, heat-treated treatment and a polished finish.

I guess it's a magic number - The iconic 15-degree grip angle is popular with riders of all styles, and the simple shape of the Little Nick continues to be a no frills solution as well as an attractive aesthetic. The width has also been expanded to 750mm, in an effort to adopt a more modern specification.

Material - Heat-treated aluminium = Strong AF!

Width - 750mm

Rise - 0mm Flat AF

Sweep - 15deg

Center diam - 31.8mm

Bar diam - 22.2mm

From Us -

A favourite of ours - This wonderworker will change minds about flat bars!