SimWorks Wild Honey Bar

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370 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

WILD HONEY BAR is updated from NITTO’s masterpiece, B135. The reach is 105 mm, the drop is 120 mm, and the shoulder is 7 mm up as a usual shape, but we change the clamp diameter to 31.8 mm and the material to Heated Aluminum. 

A wide spread arm (the “kanji” for eight) is compatible with an aero bar as you already know from Smile Bar, since the shoulder part is up for a little bit and that makes your shoulder and elbow relax.

It seems that the reach is little bit long, but as it says above, you don’t feel that long to grab a bar and it’s because of the length of the reach, you can grab a bar easily. Smile Bar is for Mountain Bike, 29er, and Monster Cross, but Wild Honey Bar has a compact looks and it goes with Sportif, Cyclocross, Road, and Fixed Gear.

Material - Heat Treated Aluminum  

Width - 410mm 430mm 450mm 470mm 490mm
Reach - 105mm
Drop - 120mm
Center Diam - 31.8mm
Bar Diam - 23.8mm
Flare Angle - 70°
Attention - Skid proof and clear coating are applied as a final treatment on this item and the actual size is wider than the diameter on the each size description. Please be aware of the installation of the stem, levers, and lock-type grips which have very severe inner diameter.
From Us -
Mm.. Food, one bar to rule them all....